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I love the size of the packet for the price. It is great quality and good in a smoothie with spinach and moringa powder and almond milk. It’s unsweetened and still tastes like a nice milkshake. I have noticed a change in my skin suppleness and my hair feels stronger. The amla powder is even okay with just water. I normally can’t tolerate the vitamins as tablets but the amla is very tolerable and is doing me good.


Excellent seller. Item superbly packaged and quick shipping. A pleasure to deal with and highly recommended. Hope to deal with it again in the future. Thank you


I have tried before Ashwagandha capsules, I didn’t notice any change. Now I am using the powder version and my biggest surprise, it really helps to sleep. I have to get up at least 3-4 times a night, and I am able to go back to sleep that wasn’t possible before, so very often I have been up from 3 am. My days were terribly hard. I highly recommend it. It calms me as well. I gave 5 stars for the taste, but it doesn’t mean it tastes very good, but it is not so bad, actually this is a herb, so what do you expect? It was delivered in time, nicely packed. I bought 1 kg as it was much cheaper than the smaller ones.

Maria Szili dr.

I have had many herbal teas in the past and never tried Tulsi, and since taking this I find I am more alert and my digestive system has settled down well, I suffer from an acid reflux issue but haven’t had this since I started this a few days ago. I am also about to take the Holy Basil Tulsi supplements as there are so many benefits with both the tea and supplements. Your company is very quick and efficient with no big waiting times for delivery and I shall definitely use you again as this will be a regular 2 products I shall be using, I will browse your website for other products too. In the past I have also used the India Organic Tooth oils and soaps which are amazing, I am definitely converted to all organic Indian herbs and oils, etc as against western supplements. Thank you for your kindness and help in everything, you don’t get the courtesy like this very often in today’s world which goes a long way for customers. I am one customer that shall be returning on a regular basis, keep up the goodness and help you give and all the very best future to you and your company.

Susan Murray